June 24, 2021

Marc-Johann Kavantsaari joins the Sparkmind team as Investment Director

HELSINKI, 27 May 2021

Marc-Johann Kavantsaari joins the Sparkmind team as Investment Director

Sparkmind.vc is happy to announce that Marc-Johann Kavantsaari has recently joined Sparkmind.vc and strengthens the team as Investment Director.

Marc-Johann Kavantsaari is a tech entrepreneur gone venture capital investor. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 finalist in the Impact Entrepreneurship Category, LLM and has his background in the Nordic startup ecosystem. Prior to joining Sparkmind, he was the founder and CEO of a global personal safety startup. He has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, fundraising and venture building.

Commenting on the announcement, Managing Partner Marko Kyyrönen says: “We’re extremely happy that Marc-Johann has joined the team, and excited by the competence and entrepreneurial experience he brings to our team.”

Domiciled in Finland, the fund focuses on supporting EdTech founders, with entry points ranging from the Seed stage to Series B rounds. The fund’s geographic sweet spot is Northern Europe, although having a global mandate to invest in the sector. It aims to support businesses in a broad range of education pillars, from early childhood and K12 to corporate and lifelong learning.

Sparkmind Fund is advised by Sparkmind.vc, whose team has collectively accumulated 60 years of experience in the learning industry, growth entrepreneurship and venture capital.

About Sparkmind.vc

Sparkmind.vc is the first Nordic venture capital company focused on the learning sector. The company invests in teams transforming early childhood, K12, higher, secondary and vocational education as well as corporate and lifelong learning. The investment sweet spot of the company is from seed to international growth phase with single investments up to €5m.

For further information, kindly contact Managing Partner Marko Kyyrönen, +358 44 5069740, marko@sparkmind.vc or please visit www.sparkmind.vc