October 5, 2021

Teacher community platform Freeed.com to expand service with €0.9m pre-seed funding from Sparkmind.vc and Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen

HELSINKI, 5th October, 2021

Nordic venture capital company Sparkmind.vc has led a €900,000 pre-seed funding round for Freeed.com, the Finland-based teacher platform facilitating peer-to-peer support and professional development of teachers. This is the 8th investment for Sparkmind.vc's €55m learning-focused venture capital fund.

Other investors of the round include Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, angel investor Jouni Utriainen and Freeed founder Touko Tahkokallio, as well as other undisclosed institutional and private investors. The round also includes a €235,000 R&D loan from Business Finland.

Freeed.com has proved popularity among Finnish teachers and educational professionals with a promising start on the international markets. The pre-seed funding will enable Freeed.com to further expand its geographical market focus in selected European countries, and grow its core team.

Heikki Rusama, Freeed.com CEO, commented: “Our mission at Freeed.com is to improve the quality of education by connecting teachers. Based on their shared knowledge teachers can learn from each other and together find new ways to make education better. We’re excited to start a new chapter in our journey with the help of Sparkmind.vc. This new investment allows us to expand into new markets and serve our growing teacher community even better.”

Kai Talas of Sparkmind.vc commented: “As K12 education is digitalizing, we see the demand for teacher’s professional development hitting new hights. Being a 100% teacher focused online discovery platform for best practices, resources and products, Freeed.com’s community driven platform offers a very compelling solution for this global need. We are also very impressed by the multidisciplinary team and the momentum the company has generated.”


About Freeed.com

Freeed.com is a global teacher community for the best teaching ideas, methods, and resources. Freeed.com aims to create a global online discovery platform for teachers that will support their daily work.


Heikki Rusama, Co-founder & CEO
+358 400211 589

About Sparkmind

Sparkmind.vc is the first Nordic venture capital company exclusively focused on the learning sector. The company invests from Seed to Series B stages in teams transforming how the world learns. Its investments are focused on solutions that improv elearning outcomes, increase access to and efficiency of learning, or use data insight to better support educators and learners.

Kai Talas, Partner
+358 40 179 20 44